Empathy, Compassion, Respect

Renshaw’s Funeral Service is the longest established funeral business in Bathurst, New South Wales and has been an integral part of the community guiding and supporting families in Bathurst and surrounding districts during the difficult time of organising a funeral.

From the first meeting with the family throughout the whole process of collecting, arranging and delivering a service for your loved one; the staff at Renshaw’s Funeral Service will strive to make this as easy as it can be, for you and your family.


At Renshaw’s Funeral Service we aim to be at the forefront of quality and innovation and are sure to satisfy your every need. Our focus is on helping you and your family conduct a service or ceremony that reflects your values, unites your family and friends and honour’s your loved one.

The staff at Renshaw’s consider it a privilege that you trust us to help you at this time, we see providing end of life services as a journey that doesn’t just end with the service. We are there for your family and are able to provide advice and assistance at any time during your grieving process.

Renshaw’s Funeral Service are experts in guiding and supporting families during the difficult time of arranging a funeral. Let us support you today.